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See-Thru / Two-Way Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Regular price $132.00 /sqft

This special mirror allows you to see through it while still reflecting light back. Commonly used to separate a darkened and lightened room, it allows a viewer in the dark room to look into the light room as if it were a clear window, while a person in the light room only sees a reflection. Also known as one-way mirror, surveillance is the most typical use case for this sheet (as seen in many TV shows about cops), but its properties allow all kinds of creative applications. One of the more clever projects we've seen our customers do is the smart mirror.

Like all acrylics, this sheet can be easily cut, formed and fabricated. When laser cutting, we recommend reversing your artwork and cutting with the mirrored side up and the protective film in place for best results.

See-thru mirrors are manufactured by applying a partially metallized finish to one side of an extruded acrylic sheet without the opaque backing of standard mirrors. Extra care must be taken when working with this sheet since there is no protective backing. We recommend testing your application with small pieces first. This sheet is for indoor use only.

Choose from full sheet sizes or specially priced pre-cut sizes. Cut-to-size sheets are also available at an extra cost. Looking for a custom quote? Contact us via our order form here.

Technical Details
Opacity Transparent
Surface Finish Glossy
Special Effect Mirror
Light Transmission 25%
Thickness Tolerance +/- 10%
Acrylic Type Extruded
Masking Film

Pre-cut sizes are nominal and subject to a +/- 1/8" cutting tolerance. Custom cut-to-size sheets are subject to a +/- 1/32" tolerance. Color and light transmission values may differ slightly due to manufacturer variations.

Custom Width (inches):
Custom Length (inches):
Hole Size: Number Of Holes:

8 maximum. Please use our custom order form if more holes are desired.

Hole Placement:

Please be specific with measurements. e.g. 'One hole in each corner along the 12" length, 1 inch from each side to the center of the hole.' Or upload a drawing with dimensions below: (max. size 10MB, accepted formats are jpg, png, gif, pdf, eps, ai)

Corner Radius:
Custom Dimensions Additional:
Custom Options Additional:
Total Cost Per Item: